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Sunday, June 2, 2013

2013 USAF Marathon Training Underway

I'm a little late on this (I wanted to squeeze in an 18 week training plan) but I've been busy (dodging tornadoes).

2013 USAF Marathon (yes, 26.2) training is underway.  I told myself that I'd NEVER run another marathon ever again...  But, I know I can do better.  So, here's the plan:

Phase I
Phase II

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by recent tornado outbreaks.  It's been a very difficult time around here in Moore, and the OkC metro.  Streets that I run during training are now unrecognizable.  There are still many without standard services (power, water and connectivity).

Thanks for all of your support, take care and stay safe!

Happy running and God bless!
"Fight the good fight, finish the race, and always keep faith"
2 Timothy 4:7

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