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Monday, July 18, 2011

Back in the saddle

Today was my first run in over two weeks…  I missed out on a morning run and it was really hot this evening…  I slowed into the run and the calf felt fine.  The right knee was a little sore but held up fine.  My HR and breathing rhythm was OK despite having taken two weeks off… 

All in all, I am gearing up for a shorter, faster paced 1.5 mile run (I take my PT test in two weeks).  I was running 10:30-10:45 1.5 mile runs a month ago…  My 1.5 mile split today was 11:30 (about a minute slower).  I’ll try to gain as much of that minute back in the next two weeks… 

Take care and be safe! 

Happy running and God bless!
"Fight the good fight, finish the race, and always keep faith"
2 Timothy 4:7

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