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Thursday, January 27, 2011

3.5 Mile Treadmill Workout

Another PT Test complete ~ good for another 6 months.  I am gunning for a 90+ on the next test though…..   
Last night’s run was a 3 mile treadmill workout at 7.0 mph / zero incline.  Tonight’s run was a 3.5 mile treadmill workout: speed set to 7.0 mph / zero incline for the first 3 miles then 7.3 mph for the last half mile.  Tonight’s run felt really good, but I had trouble breathing – I hope I am not getting sick…..  I don’t want to get sidelined because of some stupid cold or flu.  My half-marathon training program officially starts 6 Feb, and I want to push hard for an 8:30/min mile pace! 
I have a long way to go.  With the Good Lord as my running partner; I should be ok! 

Happy running and God bless! 2 Tim 4:7

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