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Thursday, January 20, 2011

3-mile treadmill workout

We woke to a wonderful surprise this morning at about 0600L: our furnace electrical control board decided to catch on fire and smolder…..  Not a big deal though, because the fire snuffed itself out.  Thanks to our neighbors for taking us in this morning (while maintenance repaired the problem).  We were lucky the place didn't catch on fire!  Anyways, we were released from work early today due to inclement weather.  I was able to knock out my run sooner than planned today so I could shovel snow ~ yay (in a sarcastic tone). 
Today’s run was a planned 3 mile workout.  I set the treadmill speed to 7.3mph/1 degree incline (equivalent to about an 8:15/mile pace).  I ran that speed comfortably for the first two miles then kicked it up a notch to 7.5mph/1 degree incline (around an 8:00/mile pace).  It was a refreshing run but I am feeling it in my quads today…..  I think I should hold off around 7.0-7.3mph for now.
All said, today’s 3 mile run was my quickest: clocked on the treadmill at 24:10!  I am very pleased with today’s run!  I think I’ll have a Guinness (it’s good for you)! 
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Happy running and God bless! 2 Tim 4:7

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