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Saturday, January 29, 2011

"We will miss you Dakota"

I returned home from work last night for an uneventful 2 mile treadmill workout.  I completed the run and felt pretty good but discovered that we had lost our beloved Samoyed, Dakota.  So sad..... 

Her body was falling apart and we had to put her to sleep (sorry Nancy, for putting you through this).  Dakota was 9 and ½ half years old.  Anyone who knew her knows how much of a sweetheart she was!  She was a loving and faithful pet.  We love you Dakota, you will be missed!

Today’s run was a 4 mile treadmill workout.  I set the speed to 7.0 mph / zero incline but it took forever for my legs to warm up.  I finally shook out the bugs after the first 2 miles then increased the speed to 7.5 mph for the last 2 miles.  It was a great run but overshadowed by our loss….. 
Happy running and God bless! 2 Tim 4:7

In Loving Memory

Dakota Snow
 12 Sep 2001 - 28 Jan 2011

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