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Monday, January 24, 2011

“Silent Run”

Brandon performed like a champ for his doctor’s appointments today!  This has been haunting our thoughts all weekend, and it’s not completely over yet.  Brandon has his quarterly scans (CT and Ultrasound) tomorrow….. 
Regarding Brandon’s bravery, we would like to remember Brandon’s buddy ^^Michael^^ today.  Two years ago on this day, a family lost one of their beloved children to cancer.  Young ^^Michael^^ was one of the bravest children I have ever met!  He taught Brandon so much at such a young age (without even knowing it).  You see, Brandon and ^^Michael^^ were just a few months apart and both were fighting cancer….. 
We watched in awe as we witnessed young ^^Michael^^ climbing hospital walls, slapping on buttons, and opening doorways…..  Brandon learned how to push his own IV pole around by watching ^^Michael^^ (which strengthened Brandon’s legs and spirit).  ^^Michael’s^^ bravery and courage was known by all.  Godspeed ^^Michael^^
Today’s run is in honor of ^^Michael^^, a 2 mile “silent run” without music.  If you know me, you know that I never run without my music.  Well, today I wanted to dedicate my run to ^^Michael^^ and his family. 
I ran at 7.5 mph / zero incline for the first 1.5 miles then bumped up the speed to 8.0 mph for the last half mile.  It was a quiet and humbling run because I couldn’t help but notice Brandon lying on the couch.  He had just returned from the hospital having undergone some exams…..  And was exhausted! 
Thanks for the visit, prayers for all of our cancer warriors out there! 

Happy running and God bless! 2 Tim 4:7

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