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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3-mile treadmill workout

Tonight’s run got off to a late start…..  I left work around 16:45, and started driving home.  We’re supposed to get about 3-5” of snow tonight/tomorrow, so I figured I would try to get out early today and squeeze in a run.  Well, on my way home I couldn’t help but notice a stranded vehicle on the side of the road.  And, to make matters worse, it was on an exit ramp from the interstate; a dangerous place for a pit stop! 
I decided to pull over and help this gentleman out (seeing how about a dozen cars in front of me neglected to ask if he needed help).  I recalled when Alicia and I were dating in college (before cell phones), when she had a flat…..  She must have walked about 2 miles to call me from a payphone…..  She wasn’t happy!  So, I thought about how mad she was that day and pulled over to help out.
The tire change was uneventful, and the guy ended up being a civilian employee at the base.  He was enroute to the gym for a quick run on the treadmill.  What a coincidence.  He also had a Trek road bike too, just like me, and was interested in street riding…..  What I thought was going to be a routine pit stop turned out to be a pretty cool encounter. 
Anyways, that is only part of the reason why my evening run got off to a late start.  I returned home from work (and the pit stop) only to notice that I had left my iPod at work…..  There was no way that I could knock out the run without my music.  So, I drove to and from work (again) to retrieve my jams..... 
What was initially going to be a 5-6 mile run ended up being only a 3 miler…..  I set my treadmill to 7.2 mph but forgot to increase the incline (I usually set the incline at 2 degrees).  The run started off strong and I ended up finishing my last ¼ mile at 7.8 mph (avg'd about an 8:25/mile pace).  This was one of my fastest 3 mile runs this year! 

I thought about going the distance (for an additional 1-2 miles) but decided to call it a night.  I am only "testing the waters” to see what pace I am capable of maintaining prior to training.  My half-marathon training program won’t officially start until 6 Feb…..  So I have plenty of time to work out the bugs.  Check back for more!
Thanks for visiting and remember to inspect your tires (especially the spare)! 

Happy running and God bless! 2 Tim 4:7

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