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Friday, March 11, 2011

Week #5 Complete

Another successful week of training complete! I was able to get out of the office at a decent time today and knocked out a 5 mile run.  It was a nice day for it too!  The skies were clear and the temperature was just right!  Unfortunately the winds were howling at 15-23mph (blah) but I managed to cut through it.  I found myself running into a headwind at almost every turn! To make matters worse, I was completely overdressed for today’s run too: “a definite lesson learned, for sure.”  I could have left the jacket at home…..  Oh well! 
I have a secret to share with you, and if you have (or ever had) back pain: listen up!  I recently injured my back over Christmas and I’ve been visiting the local Chiropractor for some time now.  The Doc runs a weekly evaluation then re-aligns my back.  Today’s visit revealed that my alignment is getting better (I have notice a difference too).  I never had back pain like this before and it’s unbelievable how much of an impact this has had on my life!  I’ve been able to sleep throughout the night several days last week (a first in ages), my longer runs are much more comfortable, and my back doesn’t hurt as much while seated at work…..  “Thanks Doc!”
I had some extra time after my Chiropractor’s appointment to stop by two other offices and pay my respects to: The Flight Docs and Orthopedics…..  I wanted to thank the Flight Doc for taking the time out of the day to evaluate my back in December.  I also visited with Ortho but was unable to meet up with the Doc there.  I did run into the PA and expressed my gratitude for fixing my knee in October of 2009!  I am lucky to have such great medical care here!  “Thanks Docs Elliot and Schwimley!”  I wouldn’t be where I am today without your medical expertise! 
Well, I returned home from work, changed clothes, and then got out on the road.  I quickly noticed the wind but couldn’t avoid it.  I felt like the wind was constantly following me, as if somebody was pointing a high-powered fan directly at me the entire time!  There was definitely some variability to the wind speed and direction…..  I tried not to think about it too much today and kept running along. 
Another thing that I seemed to ignore today was my Garmin 305.  Typically, I have a habit of looking down at my GPS every 5-6 minutes or so.  I don’t know why I do it (but I do).  I really didn’t look at it much at all today!  It’s as if my “internal running clock” was synchronized!  I have never experienced this phenomenon before but I have read about it online.  Experienced runners know exactly what pace they are running (without fancy electronics) and I felt that I may have “cracked a code” today (or maybe it’s because I just didn’t care to look down today). 
Anyways, week #5 is in the books and I have a day off tomorrow.  I’ve logged over 175 miles this year and nearly 100 miles towards my training plan.  I’m so surprised that I’ve made it this far; I would have never imagined anything like this a few years ago!  I’m really tired though but today’s run really put me at ease.  It was a very long week and I am glad that the weekend is here!  I smell and hear fajitas sizzling on my plate and I am hungry!  Thanks for the visit and have a safe weekend! 
PS: Our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends out in Japan and all the areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami's..... 

PSS: “Running on Empty” has a new look: I’ve added some extra pages for your viewing pleasure and enjoyment.  It’s still a work in progress!  Thanks for your patience and let me know what you think!  I’m not the running/nutrition/training expert, but I would like to share what works for me! 

Happy running and God bless!
"Fight the good fight, finish the race, and always keep faith"
2 Timothy 4:7

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