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Friday, March 25, 2011

Week #7 Done!

OK, I’ve had a very busy week and have not been able to keep up with the blog much.  Well, here’s my week #7 recap: I finished with 26.6 total miles this week.   I hit three important milestones too: 

1.) I surpassed my 2010 total mileage this week (yes, I know: it’s only March)
            - 2010 total: 214 miles
            - 2011 total: 226 miles (as of, uh…..  today“And still counting!”
 2.) Wednesday’s run marked my 100th run with Nike+ “Knee is healthy and life is good!”
3.) I surpassed my monthly mileage PR with today’s run!  


Tuesday’s run was pretty sluggish.  I was off that day and was helping around the house.  I squeezed in an early afternoon run and noticed a repeat phenomenon that hasn’t bothered me in a while; a numb foot.  This has happened before (two or three times last year).  I initially thought that it was due to over tightening my shoe laces…..  I’d stop, loosen the laces, then go; “no joy.”  Well, I encountered this after mile #4 (as you can see by my splits below):

#1 8:02
#2 8:01
#3 8:19
#4 9:04  < My foot fell asleep
#5 9:11  < It never fully recovered!  

42:50 overall (8:32 average).  Not bad considering the last two miles were run on a half-numb foot.  I still haven’t figured out why this happens (and at random).  And, I ate my Gu Energy gel at mile #2 (a little early) because I felt that I was bonking.  I guess my body was trying to telling me something…..

Wednesday’s run was awesome.  It rained on-and-off while I was at work and we were under a tornado watch for a while!  A series of thunderstorm cells moved through rather quickly and brought tiny hail and heavy rain; I am glad that it passed (it was a run day)!  I got home and the sun was out which pretty much dried up a lot of the standing water.  There were small, isolated puddles throughout the neighborhood (but nothing fun enough to stomp through).  My splits for Wednesday were:

#1 8:02
#2 8:14
#3 8:30
#4 8:36
#5 8:31

42:43 overall (8:25 average) Again, not too shabby!  This is right at my goal pace (8:30)!  I am pleased.  I think the Gu Energy gel helped that day (I ate one an hour prior to leaving work).  

Today’s run was my longest maintenance run for the week.  I knocked out 6.2 miles (10K) to complete week #7.  It was a very comfortable run in 38f degree weather (I was bundled up in my long thermal compression gear).  Splits:

#1 7:54  :)
#2 8:15
#3 8:32
#4 8:43
#5 8:47
#6 8:44

6.2 miles @ 52:47, an 8:30 pace (14 seconds off my previous 10K PR, set on 17 Mar 2011).  Again, not a bad run.  I need to do something different for my next run though.  I am getting pretty tired of running the neighborhood over and over again (I needed some new scenery).  I’ve got some ideas but I’ll need to plan more (TBD).   

As mentioned earlier, today’s run surpasses my Monthly PR set back in March 2010 (86.5 miles); I am currently at 88.3 miles (and I have 3 more planned runs left for the moth).  I am on track for over 100 miles this month!  “Unreal!”

One thing’s for certain: the Gu energy gel that I ate during mile #3 of today’s run was awful!  Gu’s Roctane line-up packs additional ingredients that are supposed to help prevent muscle breakdown and fatigue during workouts.  It has added caffeine (for energy) and histidine (the amino acid that slows lactic acid build up).  I personally didn’t notice a difference (from one packet) and I was not at all thrilled with the flavor (blueberry Pomegranate flavor).  I don’t think I’ll be buying this flavor again…..  I ordered several other Roctane flavors (currently in the mail) and will critique those when they arrive.  

Well, that’s it for week #7.  I will begin week #8 on Sunday.  Take care and thanks for the visit.  I hope the weather is warmer wherever you are (because it stinks here).  

PS: The BCL Foundation patches arrived this week (pictured below)!  This was a work in-progress over the course of the past two years.  There were a couple of folks directly involved with the creation of this patch (you know who you are, and we thank you)!  I plan on sewing these patches on my race jerseys with the intent to raise awareness for childhood cancer and organ donor programs.  There aren’t too many Hepatoblastoma groups out there (and most people don’t even know what it is).  Those Hepatoblastoma groups that do exist are very tight-knit communities (thanks for the support all, and continued prayers to you all)!  

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Five weeks until the PIG!  Thanks for the visit and be safe! 

Happy running and God bless!
"Fight the good fight, finish the race, and always keep faith" 
2 Timothy 4:7

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