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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What a GREAT Day!

A year ago today, our lives were changed forever (once again).  Happy birthday to our twins Austin and Blake!  Special thanks to WPAFB Medical Center and Dayton Children’s Hospital for the miracle performed last year.  Without you, we would only be celebrating one birthday today instead of two.  God bless you all! 

Happy Birthday Blake and Austin

 (click image for full size)

Twins Video tribute

 (hint: pause music player and launch video)

Today is special for many more reasons too.  Nana (my Mom) arrived today to see her Grandkids!  I had the honor of notifying one of my troops about his promotion today too…..  My allergies were acting up this morning and sinuses were plugged.  I got to feeling better after lunch and then added an extra mile to my run when I got home!  

#1  8:24
#2  8:12
#3  8:25
#4  8:40
#5  8:13

5 @ 42:05 (8:24 pace).  I lucked out too, because I missed the rain…..  Thank you for the visit! 

Happy running and God bless! 
"Fight the good fight, finish the race, and always keep faith" 
2 Timothy 4:7

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