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Friday, February 11, 2011


I found myself running from one meeting to another today and wasn’t able to eat a full lunch.  I was in such a hurry that I picked up the closest items that I could find and wolfed them down…..  Those two things were a packet of Hammer Gel and a bag of almonds.  Not a great combination but it was better than nothing!  Note to self: always have emergency food…..
Well, I got home and felt really tired and hungry due to missing lunch.  I usually have a stockpile of food sitting around at work, enough to feed a small continent…..  But for some reason my stockpile had dwindled down to nothing.  I don’t remember the last time I went shopping but I now know what I have to add to my “to-do list” this weekend. 
Anyways, I stretched and began my run.  Tonight’s run was a planned 3 mile treadmill workout.  I set the speed to 7.3 mph/incline at 1 degree.  I didn’t feel the energy for any speed adjustments so I left it alone.  I completed my 3.25 mile run at 26:06 (about an 8:05/min mile pace overall).  It was a quick-paced run and I felt that my legs were able to keep up (but my mind was calling it quits).  I thought about running another ¼ mile but decided to stop and cool down.  I was hungry and needed food FAST! 
I felt like I let myself down today by missing this very important meal.  I almost ALWAYS have a back-up plan (emergency lunch) but somehow forgot.  It’s been a very long day and I am ready to start my weekend!  Thanks for the visit, take care!

Happy running and God bless! 2 Tim 4:7

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