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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Speechless and thankful.....

Folks, I am pleased to announce another 5K personal best!  I defeated my previous time by 13 seconds!  And, this run puts me over the “Century Mark” for 2011!  Yes, I’ve already logged over 100 miles running this year!  I never imagined my legs (especially my knee) being able to keep up.  At times it hurts, and sometimes I want to quit…..  But I cannot quit, not now.  Not EVER! 
I have to admit that today was a very demanding day.  Work is getting really busy and there are high expectations for all…..  We are performing amazing feats each and every day and I am so amazed at the amount of work my troops are giving!  I am proud to be their boss!  Thanks, keep up the hard work!  “Now, go do your spots!”    :)
I returned home late to knock out my run.  As I was saying, work was really busy today (and continuously piling up) but I had to run.  “Today is a run day,” I kept telling myself over and over again…..  I wasn’t going to talk myself out of a run because I got home late.  So, when I got home I ran.  And for some reason, I forgot to stop!  “Yeah, like that ever happens!” 
Well, my planned 3 mile run somehow turned into a 5 mile run…..  I have no idea how this happened but all I remember was staring at the empty space on my living room wall, pounding out each step and listening to my music.  I was also doing a lot of thinking (“yes”), about the many things I had to do at work, at home and for school…..  It seems as if it will never end.  Yet I ran. 
But an amazing thing happened to me at some point during my run.  I was reminded of all the pain and hardship that my son endured while going through treatment (chemotherapy, surgery, you name it).  I was consumed with so many emotions (like anger, fear, sorrow, and sympathy to name a few).  It channeled through me and I couldn’t control it…..  All cancer families know; these things happen without warning…..
Then, I looked over at my son (who was on the couch) and smiled.  Seeing him laughing and playing the Wii erased all of that hate, sorrow, and fear.  I looked down at my treadmill and realized that I was at 4 ½ miles!  I was only planning for 3…..  So I made it an even 5. 
I am at loss for words, but being speechless and thankful is a wonderful thing!  God is great! 

Happy running and God bless! 2 Tim 4:7

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