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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week #3 Underway (version 2)

“Ante’s are up and the price of poker just got more expensive!”  Well, today begins week #3 of my 12 week training program and so far so good.  My weekly mileage will be increasing the further I progress into the plan (and with additional “bonus” miles).  Tomorrow is a holiday, so “no work for me!”  Life is good today…..    Note: Added another 3 miles tonight (1st two-a-day of the year)
Actually, I have plenty of work to do; I just don’t have to sit at my desk while doing it tomorrow.  This was a somewhat decent weekend minus Tyler’s illness (his fever returned).  I managed to squeeze in an outdoor run and maintain my goal pace or better.  Unfortunately, I woke up this morning to partial sleet and some freezing rain.  I tested the waters by walking outside but thought to myself, that it wasn’t worth the risk of slipping and getting injured (or getting sick).  Bummer: “well, back to the trusty treadmill.”  It’s all good, and it was a great run!
I made a couple of updates to my training plan (pictured below).  I added the WPAFB St. Patty’s Day 10K and Harrigan’s Tavern 5K fun runs.  Both runs are two days apart; 10K on the 17th and the 5K on the 19th (which will make for another minor training plan change).  It should be a fun week and I get two t-shirts out of these events!  Besides, it’ll be St. Patty’s Day “My Goodness, My Guinness!” 
I knocked out a 4 ¼ mile run today in 35:06 (8:15 min/mile avg pace).  It seemed to go by fast because I got to run and watch the boys play the Wii.  Seeing my family having a good time makes the runs go by quicker!  It also keeps my thoughts on different things too.  I definitely cleared my mind with today’s run, that’s for sure!  Thanks for the visit and have a great week!
PS I ran another 3 miles after the race tonight…..  Feelin’ goooood right about now!  First two-a-day of the training plan, kind of impromptu, but definitely worth it! 
Happy running and God bless! 2 Tim 4:7

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