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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Change Your Shoes!

It appears that ice, ibuprofen, elevation and rest did the trick; my foot felt so much better today!  Thank goodness, because I just started my training plan for the Flying Pig on Sunday and I can’t slow down! 

I have a theory as to what was causing my foot pain.  I never had trouble with running shoes before (nor have I experienced foot pain like this).  Over the course of my life, I’ve gone back and forth from Nike’s to Asics and New Balance brands.  Well, last year I tried on a pair of cushioning running shoes that convinced me to buy four pair…..  Those are my trusty Asics Gel Nimbus-11’s.  And to date, I’ve put a little over 300 miles on my 1st pair (both on road and treadmill).  So, a change was in order…..
Well, I removed my Nike+ sensor from the old to the new (dubbed Nimbus 2); a changing of the guard if you will.  And I began my 3 mile treadmill workout…..  Tonight’s run got off to a late start but finished strong!  I definitely felt the difference with the new pair! 
I set the speed to 7.2 mph / incline to 1 degree up for the first 2 miles.  I bumped up the speed to 7.5 mph for the next half mile then up to 7.8 mph for the last ¾ of a mile (I ran an extra ¼ mile just to ensure the shoes were broken in ~ mission accomplished)!  I think I cured my foot pain! 
Moral of the story: change out your shoes!  Thanks for the visit and take care! 
PS: I've logged over 300 miles since my 2nd knee surgery in Oct 2009 ~ I am truly blessed and thankful!

Happy running and God bless! 2 Tim 4:7

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