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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week #4 Underway

Week #4 is underway and it’s off to a great start!  The weather is awesome outside right now; too bad it’s supposed to thunderstorm later…..  I am glad that I got this run in before the rain.  I climbed some mountains today but there was one hiccup: I had some trouble with my trusty Garmin 305 today.  It lost GPS sync during mile #1; I hope this was just a glitch because I do not feel like buying any new electronics! 
The winds were light and variable around 5-9 mph with a slight overcast ceiling.  The starting temp was around 39-40f and warmed up to about 50f, which is what most runners believe to be the perfect running temp (I agree).  I was suited up with my Nike compression running thermals and felt great the entire time!  I used to laugh at guys who wore long running thermals…..  “How times have changed.”
Today’s run was a planned 5 miler but I was able to knock out 6.4 miles!  I struggled a bit through miles 3-4 because my foot got numb (this has happened before).  I can’t explain it and will begin researching it soon…..  The numbness went away after about 5-6 minutes and I pressed on.  My pace fluctuated throughout the run between 8:00-9:30, but overall average pace was around 8:40/min miles!  This is close to my goal pace!  I have to admit though; today’s run put me into a “hurt” that I have not experienced in a while ~ my legs and lungs are feeling it!
Today’s run is my longest run of the year and I set another PR today: my fastest road 10K!  My previous PR was 54:17 and today’s time clocked in at 53:25!  I would like to run an even 50:00 10K for next month’s St Patty’s day 10K (17 Mar), and I am really close!  Also, my 2 hour half-marathon goal is becoming less of a dream and more of reality…..  I am working really hard to achieve these goals.  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13

This was my last run for February, and what a month!  I logged 69 miles and set some PR's!   

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Note: Thanks for the prayers for my buddy Zach.  He is recovering from Friday’s seizure but still in the ICU.  Their family appreciates the thoughts and prayers.  We would also like to request prayer support for Willimina’s Grandfather who has been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma last week….. 
Willamina is another one of our Brave Cancer Warriors who has recovered from Hepatoblastoma & liver transplantation (similar to my son Brandon).  Thanks for the visit and all of the support!  “I appreciate ya!”
Happy running and God bless! 2 Tim 4:7

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  1. I am glad you have music on your page. I used it for my run today since I didn't have the ipod. Thanks!