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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

“Happy Liverversary” Brandon!

Two years ago on this very day, my son was given a chance at a cancer-free life (with his donor liver).  This is a day that we will never forget!   
In the cancer world, a transplant is considered a “re-birth,” thus we introduced the tradition of the Liverversary cake!  But Brandon gets to eat it for breakfast, how cool is that?  Brandon loves it!  We are thankful for the days….. 
We said a prayer (as always) for the donor family and our unknown hero…..  Every day is a gift and we are constantly reminded of this family’s loss; Brandon wouldn’t be with us today if it weren’t for their decision to give life…..  We are blessed and thankful. 
Today’s run was a very short 3 mile workout.  I didn’t try to set a land speed record or climb any mountains…..  I returned home very late and didn’t have much time for a longer run.  My goal distance was only 3 miles but I wanted to run more.  I was happy for two other reasons though: both my armband and velcro wristband arrived in the mail today! 
I didn’t know how much time the old Nike+ armband had left (pictured below), but this thing was falling apart…..  I constantly had to reposition it while running, because it would lose grip and fall down my arm. 
(Click image for full size)

Introducing the Tune Belt iPod armband (pictured below). 
(Click image for full size)

This is a simple design and very comfortable.  I have one gripe though: I own a 5th Generation iPod Nano and the armband’s earplug hole is on the opposite side from where the iPod earphone jack is located…..  No problem really, and it comes with a mini-velcro tab to secure the earplug wires; awesome! 
I grew tired of dealing with the Garmin’s wristband too (pictured below). 
(Click image for full size)

When you buy the Garmin 305, they give you two wristbands…..  I had installed the larger of the two and it was annoying me.  for those who own a Garmin 305, you would probably agree with me that the wristband fit is either too tight or loose. 
Anyways, I ordered a Garmin Velcro wrist-strap kit (pictured below) and it is awesome! 
(Click image for full size)

Installation was easy!  It comes with new pins, an installation tool, and an extension band (if needed).  This is a definite buy (Garmin 305 with Velcro wristband installed below).  Notice the difference from the old band?
(Click image for full size)

I hope this gear review helps.  These simple low-cost items provide comfort and make my runs more enjoyable.  I hope they do the same for you too!  Thanks for the visit! 
Happy running and God bless! 2 Tim 4:7

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