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Sunday, April 3, 2011

For ^^Tyler^^ Thompson

With a heavy heart, we say goodbye to one of our cancer buddies ^^Tyler^^ Thompson.  ^^Tyler^^ was fighting an ugly disease that we are all too familiar with; Hepatoblastoma.  Unfortunately he lost his battle this past weekend and we would like to send our thoughts and prayers for comfort, healing and peace…..  Godspeed ^^Tyler^^

Week #9 is underway, and only four more weeks until the Flying Pig half marathon.  I didn’t want to crawl out of bed this morning but I did.  I couldn’t sleep last night, probably for many reasons, but mainly for the recent passing of our buddy ^^Tyler^^.  No parent should have to bury their children, especially at such a young age.  

I took off for my planned 10 mile run.  I was in no mood for today’s run but I went anyways.  It took me a while to get warmed-up and loose.  I felt like I was pulling a freight train for the first several miles.  I was cold, sore and my mind just wasn’t with me.  I thought about ^^Tyler’s^^ family and all the pain and anguish they’re experiencing…..  It reminded me of all of our struggles and pain with Brandon’s fight…..  

I almost felt like stopping several times during my run because I was just not in sync today…..  I darted off into the street at one crossing and almost got hit by a car that ran a red light.  I didn’t see him run that red light, and I wasn't sure he saw me or the red.  That’s when everything sunk in: I needed to get my head in the game and wake up quick.  It wasn’t easy but today was one of the most difficult runs of my life, both mentally and emotionally…..  I couldn’t get my mind off of the negative things I’ve seen in this world.  

I ran a great overall pace though and didn't look at my GPS much.  I took in two Gu energy gels today, one at mile #4 and the other at mile #8.  The first was a new flavor that I ordered online: “Espresso Love.”  It tastes like the icing from a Krispy Cream chocolate donut.  It was ok…..  The other flavor was “Tri-Berry,” one of my favorites.  The Gu’s helped a lot today.  I mixed up some “Gu Brew” recovery drink mix afterwards and it was awful!  I’ll stick to Gatorade…..  

OK, my splits:
#1 8:22
#2 8:16
#3 8:24
#4 8:43
#5 9:12
#6 8:60 (yes, Garmin GPS software posted it as 8:60)
#7 8:51
#8 8:44
#9 8:51
#10 8:59
#11 9:13
#12 9:38

12 miles @ 1:46:23 (8:50 pace), right on track with my sub 2hr finish goal!  I am very confident that I can break 2 hours on 1 May, 2011.  I’ve made a lot of progress since last year’s Flying Pig half-marathon, and I owe it to my family’s good health and all of their love and support!  Thanks to all of my friends and followers too, I appreciate your visits and encouragement.  Thanks and have a safe week!  

For ^^Tyler^^

Happy running and God bless!
"Fight the good fight, finish the race, and always keep faith" 
2 Timothy 4:7

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  1. Sounds like you were indeed running on empty, for awhile. Glad you didn't get hit.

    Peace be to Tyler and his family.