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Friday, April 1, 2011

Week #8 Complete!

I got home from work really late today and was thinking that I would have to cancel my run tonight.  It was raining and I really wasn’t in the mood for running indoors on the treadmill (or out in the rain).  But today is a run day and I was feeling up for the 5 mile maintenance run; “piece of cake right?”  “Of Course!”
Well I set out for my run at around 1845L (6:45pm).  The sun wasn’t going to set until 8:00pm but the sky was overcast (with rain) and I suited up for a night-time run.  The temp was about mid 40f’s so I wore long compression thermals with my Gortex running jacket (it has reflective tape).  I also had on a pair of my Adidas running gloves (with reflective tape) and an additional reflective belt…..  I was visible from the moon now, so no one should have trouble seeing tonight.  I completed my run and there was plenty of daylight left (but still, better safe than sorry). 
I ran a mile in the warm-up loop then departed for the neighborhood.  I found the right gear and set the cruise control.  I was running a very comfortable and easy pace because I didn’t want to wear myself out (due to my long run on Sunday).   The weather was blah, with light winds and rain.  I wasn’t cold at any part of the run but I was definitely wet.  My time was good and on par with my overall goal pace of 8:30.  Splits:

#1 7:58
#2 8:27
#3 8:34
#4 8:52
#5 9:04

Overall time of 44:58 (8:35 pace).  Today’s run completes week #8 of my training plan.  So far I have met or exceeded all of my training goals (both distance and pace).  I have four more weeks to go and I am still on track for a sub 2hr half-marathon finish time!  I am still hopeful and confident to accomplish my goals! 

PS: A testament to the Garmin 305's accuracy/reliability: the GPS never lost sync all day.  I thought for sure that the antenna reception would have interference but it was fine the entire run! 

Happy running and God bless!
"Fight the good fight, finish the race, and always keep faith"
2 Timothy 4:7

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